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Our small group classes are offered in-person and live via Zoom. For in-person classes, the studio inside Mid-Cape Athletic Club. For a live virtual experience, students must have their camera on and be in view for the entire session, and must have the same or equivalent equipment at home.

You should have completed a New Client Series with Rebecca before joining any in-person classes  (unless otherwise stated in the description). All classes are mixed level, and limited to 3 or 4 people.  

Small Group Reformer

Limited to 4 people, experience necessary

This class will focus on the basics of Pilates and Functional Movement patterns using the reformer.  May use other props such as small weights, balls, boxes, and the magic circle.  Recommended to do 2 or more times per week, this is a moderately intense class that is considered your strength-based workout for the day.  You can do it in addition to other activities within your day. 

Cardio Trampoline Reformer

Limited to 4 people, no experience necessary

This class will focus on cardiovascular endurance using the Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder on the reformer. Recommended to attend once or twice per week, there may be some strength exercises involved, but cardio is the focus.  



Limited to 3 people, experience necessary

This class will have more personal attention as it is limited to only 3 people, and you will be using the wall tower with springs to complete the workout which will focus on standing movement in addition to the pilates and functional movement principles.  This is a great class to use to add variety to your pilates workouts in the week.  


Reform & Restore

Limited to 4 people, no experience necessary

This class is all stretching, no "work".  It may include static, dynamic, active, and PNF stretching using the reformer, balls, foam rollers, and straps.  This is the perfect class to take if you've been doing a lot of heavy activity and are looking for some light movement that focuses on mobility.  

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